4 Money Raising Ideas for Your Junior Sports Club

February 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I work with junior sporting clubs and one thing most have in common is financial pressure! They are fighting the battle between having enough money to run their operations, while not wanting to raise the prices charged to their players. So, what to do about this? Here are 4 money raising ideas for your junior sports club.

Idea #1 - Sell Lots of Merchandise

Typically I see players very well dressed in team uniforms right from training gear, warm up clothes, through to playing attire. If your club is doing a good job of this - well done. It's important that your players look great and look like a team - and it's very important for the self confidence of young players. The real financial opportunity for your junior sports club is in selling merchandise to the parents and families. For every player there is often 2 or more supporters who will come to every game. Think about the opportunity to sell branded t-shirts, caps, and hoodies. If you can make a sale to just one extra person in a family for every player, you will make a significant financial contribution to your club. The added benefit is that your parents & families will feel included and will look fantastic on the sidelines.

Idea #2 - Partner with Business Which Pay Your Club to Refer Customers

Where I live in Melbourne I know of a bank and an insurance company who will pay clubs for every successful customer referral they make. Why do they do this? Mainly because its cheaper for them than having to advertise for clients, and secondly that it helps their businesses be involved in the local community. Are your club members really choosy about their bank or insurance company? Or will they support companies which support your club? Idea #2 is to look for businesses who will pay your club to refer customers, and then ask your members to use them.

Idea #3 - Turn Your Games into Money Makers through Photography

My involvement with grass roots sports clubs is mainly in photographing their teams in action. We create unique images which become unique memories. With every sale, a small percentage is returned to the club in the form of a fund raiser. Could your sports club partner with a photographer to do the same? There is no risk, a small financial upside, and tremendous goodwill created with players and families. Get started.

Idea #4 - Look for Sponsors or Community Partners

People love to buy from people with similar interests. You can nearly guarantee that your club has people who run their own businesses - accountants, lawyers, dentists, doctors, builders, electricians ... the list goes on. Put together a sponsorship or community partner program. You'll find people are very willing to support their local club and only need to generate a few additional clients to cover their sponsorship costs.

There you are - 4 money raising ideas for your junior sports club. How many can you implement this year?



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